Random Race Rewards

Yes.... it was that cold

I love this photo!

Mackinac Island - Picture Perfect

I love this photo with the birds in the sky.
And it was the only few seconds the sun tried to shine during the race

there are no cars on the island. You walk, bike or take a horse and carriage

This one's for you Lau - Tiff found it

The windows of this church were beautiful. I tried to take a picture but we were walking quite fast as I was snapping shots and it didn't quite work out.

This one's for you JD!

Crazy Fitness Photos

Sexy Legs

Getting ready for a push-up

Always on my toes

I discovered that I look a lot better in black and white. My skin is actually much "tanner" looking!
There are more crazy photos, but if you want to see them, it will take some bargaining :)
(like a picture of yourself.... ahem..... J)