Africa Photos

Ok - I know this doesn't fit the current theme, but since I have recently given out copies of my book on Africa, I am posting photos here for those reading it to see.

The team





Thru the window

Dusty Road


Home in the valley

this photo cracks me up because there is an address on the window

Spider web in our bathroom

I love that he is laughing

the first home we visited in the valley - The 12 yr old headed household

Marcus - one of the kids at GGA
His eyelashes killed me -so long and beautiful

Khanysile and I - right before we got in the van to leave

This is one of my favs of Khanysile. I think it shows her beauty and her pain

Jon and Debbie (this is actually from year two)
We moved all those cinder blocks... we worked hard.

Girls practicing the hand clapping game we taught them

Fetching water

The elephant as it was charging us

Fish Eagle

a nicer elephant (taken in year two)

waterfall in the Drakensburg Mountains

I love this photo - his smile jumps out

a shepard boy in the mountains - it's an instrument he's holding

View from the top. The mountains were one of the most beautiful places I have ever been

Cosi from GGA

Also Cosi

Where we lived

the upstairs

Our dining area and hang out place

Our bedroom
the top bunk is Diane and her cocoon


Chummy - what's not to love in that face

I love the black and white skin together in this photo. that's Matt up there

this photo is on the wall in my living room

Girl we picked up and took to McDonalds and back to GGA

kids in the valley
we gave them sweets (candy)