Las Vegas and Yosemite

There are a lot of photos here... but they are good ones. Hope you enjoy them.
Would love to know which ones are your favorites...

From my favorite store on the Strip

One of my favorite photos I took

Puffer and Parrot Fish

Lion Fish - My dad's favorite

This is my other favorite

Driving off the edge

only 50??

My Ansel Adams photo

The tree surrenders


Karate Kid anyone?

Another favorite

Proof of Burning Bush???

Vinegar Rorschach Test
What do you see?

Thinking of you Lau

1 comment:

Erin said...

Tia, I LOVED the one of the road. (I think the caption said driving off the edge?) Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad you had a good vacation!!

Love you lots!